Xiaomi Seemagic Electric Automatic Nail Clipper Pro



Warranty: 7 Days



Xiaomi Seemagic Electric Automatic Nail Clipper Pro

Feature :

  • Xiaomi Seemagic Electric nail clipper Pro (SMPH-ZJD03S) is a nail clipper and polisher.
  • The device will allow you to quickly and safely care for your nails, you can use it for yourself or for others.
  • The model can be held both in the right and in the left hand..
  • The machine is equipped with D-Eyes safety protection technology, which automatically stops the rotation of the cutting head of the device when foreign objects hit it.
  • The presence of a convenient LED backlight allows you to use the device even in complete darkness.
  • ¬†It has a low noise level of 40 dB.¬†Charging takes place via the USB Type-C port.
  • The battery life is 3 hours and holds more than 30 uses.
  • Children under 7 years of age are not recommended to use the device on their own.
  • Product model: SMPH-zjd03s
  • Rated input:5V=-0.4A
  • Product weight:90g
  • Product size:64mm*64mm*32mm
  • Charging interface:Type-C
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