Xiaomi LEMO Kaco Desktop Electronic Calculator



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Xiaomi LEMO Kaco Desktop Electronic Calculator

  • Powered by a photoelectric dual-power supply of light and button battery. It automatically switches modes according to the environment. When there is light, it can be switched to light mode. For longer, the button battery model is AG10, and the battery life is about 4000 hours.
  • Uses a high-quality LCD screen display, wide screen can display large fonts 12-digit, clear viewing, easy to operate
  • Uses a tilting screen to adapt to the human line of sight and is not easily reflective.
  • The LEMO calculator for office, school, university, college and home has all the functions of clearing, memory addition and subtraction, sum calculation, memory elimination, error elimination, percentage, square root and fast increase of “0”, which meets the daily calculator computing requirements.
  • Sensitive button, and the appropriate height and drop feel make the button’s resilience very good and easy to knock. At the same time, the keys are distributed reasonably, and it is not easy to be touched during use. The number on the button is screen printing + UV technology, the number is not easy to wear.
  • Simple appearance, the body uses a strong ABS material, pure white highlights, delicate smooth, rounded edges, durable.
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