Xiaomi Enchen Aurora T+ Magnetic Levitation Sonic Electric Toothbrush



Warranty: 7 Days



Product highlights:

– Jeefloat™ motor technology magnetic levitation sonic toothbrush achieves the cleaning effect by high-frequency vibration. The in vibration Aurora T + vibration frequency per minute reaches ≈40,000 times/minute, 40,000 class high frequency has a faster and better cleaning effect
– The 220grams torque force output keeps the bristles at a stable swing of 10, driving the water and toothpaste foam in the mouth to form a small pulse force, impacting the blind spots of the teeth and cleaning the stubborn plaque
– Supports three modes: clean, sensitive, and gum health. Each mode is divided into three levels the strong, medium, and weak, suitable for all adult groups
3 cleaning modes
– Massage rhythmically to prevent gum atrophy
– Scientific timing reminds us to develop good brushing habits
– Short press throughout, short press to turn on, short press to switch modes within 5 seconds of turning on, short press to turn off after more than 5 seconds
– According to the standard mode of brushing teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time, it can last for 14 days on a single charge
– IPX7 is water-resistant
– DuPont bristles imported from the United States are soft and silky
– The 3D curved brush head design fits the tooth surface more

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