Realme DIZO Wireless Neckband Earphone



Warranty: 6 Months



Realme DIZO Wireless Neckband Earphone

The Realme DIZO Wireless is amazing to look at. With the DIZO wireless neckband, you may listen to music or answer phone calls while exercising. This neckband produces deep bass and thundering sounds thanks to its built-in driver and Bass Boost+. Because this neckband’s noise cancellation technology reduces ambient noise, you can converse with a loved one even when you’re in a noisy location. Furthermore, because it is composed of TPE material and has a lightweight form factor, this neckband is easy to use all day.

Powerful Driver with Bass Boost+

The Realme DIZO Wireless neckband provides deeper and booming bass thanks to its huge 11.2mm unit and sophisticated Bass Boost+ technology. Every rhythm is like passionate drumming on the African grassland, beckoning your heart.

Playback Time of 17 Hours

The Realme DIZO Wireless neckband has an energy-efficient microprocessor that provides good performance while using less power. And, owing to its fast-charging technology, you can play for two hours on a 10-minute charge.

Noise Cancellation Technology

The Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology in the neckband helps to reduce ambient noise for improved speech quality during phone calls. In this manner, you may have uninterrupted talks with your loved ones.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Realme DIZO Wireless Neckband is designed with a 23.1 g lightweight body and skin-friendly TPE material, making it easy to use all day. Furthermore, because the neckband is comprised of flexible memory metal, the folding neckband bounces back to its original shape to fit securely around your neck.

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