Honor Band 4 Smart Band (Chinese Version)



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Honor Band 4 Smart Band (Chinese Version)


Honor Band 4 Smart Band (Chinese Version) AT BEST PRICE IN BANGLADESH, now available on Penguin.com.bd. The smart badn comes in an all-black attire. Additionally sometimes either a light pink or dark blue strap is added on to the package. Nevertheless, the main unit is always black.However, if you do not feel like the color suits your style, you can easily replace the strap. Since the strap the comes along with the smart band, a rubbery one, can easily be removed. There are a number of colors are available from which your favorite one can be selected. Since such replacements are available online in abundance, its not too much work. Although you may have to search around a bit to find your favorite one, its still a catch.

Subsequently The band is Water resistant. Therefore the pricing is totally justified. You can risk it up to at 5ATM water spills. However, Honor strictly recommends to not go over the top and use it as a completely waterproof device. They strictly prohibits the usage of the smart band during a hot water bath.


However, users must not expect too much from all the discussions of it being more advanced. The smart band is still a budget fitness tracker to track your fitness and giving you alerts for all your important notifications. Technically, one of its major advancements include the fact that it can receive all kinds of alerts and notifications from your mobile, which is quite impressive.

However notifications from whatsapp and subsequent apps are a bit of a hassle since the display is small. Therefore we can say the smart band is a bit overpowered compared to its size and figure. Additionally the sleep tracking function leaves all sorts of traits to be considered advanced it regularly misses the mid-night wake ups. Although it can be overlooked since many of the other smart bands also lack the feature.

This smart band price is in Bangladesh is very reasonable. An original version of the band can last up to a long time. It is also highly reckoned as a fitness band or a fitness tracker band due to its usage a accompaniment during work outs.

Although there are a few features that are missing which you may very well want in a smart band. The band does not incorporate the GPS facility. This is a bit discouraging since its designed for fitness nuts while leaving out the offer to track how much they ran. Then again you cannot expect GPS from a smart band that is built for budget.

Additionally the size adds to the adversities face to installing it within. But it can still use the phone’s capability of accessing GPS.

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