Anker 711 Charger (Nano II 30W)- White A2146N21




Product Details:

– This is the only charger Equipped with a USB-C port that supports USB PD and can output up to 30W. A wide range of devices from smartphones and tablets to MacBook Air can be charged with this one unit, so there is no need to carry different chargers for each device.

– Proprietary technology “Anker GaN II” adopted: After about two years of research and development, the USB charger equipped with GaN (gallium nitride) has evolved into the second generation. Anker’s proprietary technology that brings out the power of GaN material by revolutionizing power supply IC and circuit design. In addition to reducing the size of electronic components by increasing the switching frequency, the heat and EMI (noise) that occur as a harmful effect of increasing the frequency are suppressed by optimizing the three-dimensional arrangement of internal substrate components and the circuit structure (PCBA 3D stacking). . As a result, we succeeded in further miniaturization while meeting strict safety standards.

– MacBook Air can also be charged: With a maximum output of 30W that supports USB PD, you can charge not only smartphones and tablets but also MacBook Air at full speed. About 70% smaller than a general 30W output charger. * This product does not have a mobile battery function.

– Fast charging for iPhone and Android smartphones: Charges up to 3x faster than standard 5W chargers (compare iPhone 13 charging from 0% to 50%). It also supports the Programmable Power Supply (PPS) standard, so you can quickly charge PPS compatible smartphones such as the Galaxy S21.

– Conforms to international safety standards:
In addition to complying with the technical standards stipulated by the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, it also complies with the international safety standard IEC 62368-1.

– You can use it safely for a long time with Anker’s unique multiple protection system such as overvoltage protection, short circuit prevention of electronic circuits, and temperature control.
GaN II series smallest

– The smallest compact design in the GaN II series, making it ideal for carrying around. You can quickly charge your smartphone or tablet device in various situations, including going out and business trips.

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